Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Paris has a new BF

Its been a while since I last updated this blog. Paris's life has turned upside down for the last couple of years or so. From dating Cy Waits, having feud with girlfriend Brook and having trust issue with her then assistant Lexie whom she called Ms. Hornball for lying straight to her face, now she is dating a hot 21 guy model name River Viiperi... Will she be considered as a cougar since they have 10 years age difference?!? I wonder... But I still love her to death...

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Paris Hilton has a New Boy Toy

Paris Hilton has a new boy toy. His name is Alex Vaggo. He actually has a rag to riches life!!! Alex Vaggo is a 20 year old Sweddish native and model. He has been spot seeing and dating the Heiress Paris Hilton. According to reports, Alex Vaggo is far from Stavros Niarchos when it comes to his bank account. Fresh out of college, Alex works in a pizza restaurant, as he tries to build his modeling portfolio. Reporters says that this new couple met “on the street near the USA Hostel in Hollywood,” where he was staying as a $27-a-night tourist. At least Paris doesn't care about money anymore though she said that she doesn't want to be the sugar mommy who has all the money to support her boylets. She says that Alex is really hardworking and now entertainment press is so totally cool about Alex being the next big thing. Isn't that great for good pal Paris.